Monday, August 18, 2008

Rollercoaster Ride

The past week has been a huge rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Went into more debt buying a laptop
  • Got to D&D
  • Gratch passed away
  • Got to hang out with friends
  • House we were planning on renting from family was apparently sold, although we were never told.

That last one's a real kicker. It was our key to getting back to Pittsburgh. Rent was only going to be $200 a month, and considering the fact that I can't seem to find work, we needed something cheap in order to be able to make the move. Now that it's gone, I can't quite figure out what to do. Judging by the amount of debt we have every month in student loans, car payment, and credit cards, Zach and I are both going to need to make at least $12-15 an hour, which is hard to find.

I'm just feeling a bit defeated. I wish things would stabalize for us. I really want to be in Pittsburgh. There's more likely to be work there, and all of our friends are there. I want to be independant again, and not have to live up to someone else's lifestyle expectations. Also, privacy. I wants it. Hard to have any when there's 4 people in a house that's about the same size as the last apartment we lived in.

Anyone know of any cheap housing that lets you have pets? Or anywhere that's tolerable to work at? I'm open to any suggestions.

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