Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday 5, 8/22/2008

1. What’s something really, really stupid you’ve done that could easily have resulted in your own death? Hard to say. Leaning out of the window in 912 at Allegheny Center is high on that list.

2. What makes you feel stupid? Lots of things. Trying to figure out Flash, or any sort of programming in general. My resume also applies here.

3. What’s something that’s stupid in a very smart way? I haven't a clue.

4. What’s an example of a stupid idea working out in a way that solved a problem? Anytime I succeed at figuring something out in a program I'm not familiar with. I usually learn by trial and error, and something that seems to stupid to work, usually does.

5. There is apparently a brand of packaged popcorn called Smartfood. What might be found in the package labeled Stupidfood? Bagels, Doughnuts, Cookies, Butterfinger bars, DQ Blizzards, Fried Oreos, Funnel Cakes, Cheesecake, and pretty much everything else I eat on a regular basis.

As always, the Friday 5 questions were taken from If you join the fun, be sure to let me know so I can add you to the link list! And don’t forget to send those questions in that you’re itching for us to answer! Don’t worry, we’ll gladly pimp your blog for the effort.

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