Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday 5 - 8/29/2008

First the friday 5, then an update.

1. What was the last song that stuck in your brain and wouldn’t go away? Oh, this is sooo bad. Thanks to DjLunchbox I've had "Vampires are Alive" by DJ Bobo in my head. Seriously. This is the guy that wrote the Chihuahua song that's being featured in the new Disney Chihuahua movie. I learned more about Dj (Dr.) Bobo than I ever wanted to know. Thanks Will. I hope you really do have pinkeye. (not really.)

2. What’s something that sticks around long after you wish it would leave? This stupid cold. I was really sick a couple of weeks ago, and I still have a sore throat and a cough. I'm not sure if it's the damp weather and sinus/allergy problems, or something more serious, but I don't have health insurance, so I'm waiting it out, unless it gets much worse.

3. To what use did you put your last sticky note?
Wow, I don't really remember. Probably something along the lines of a song I wanted to download, a to do list, or a grocery list.

4. When did you last have
Pixy Stix? Again, not sure. But I live with a candy monter (my husband) and so I'm sure it's been sometime in the last six months.

5. What is something you are a stickler for? Hmm...personal hygene when going out in public. Cleaning a certain way. Grammer and punctuation while texting or IMing. Good Photoshopping (thanks DjLunchbox, forgot this one.) Good graphic design.

As always, the Friday 5 questions were taken from If you join the fun, be sure to let me know so I can add you to the link list! And don’t forget to send those questions in that you’re itching for us to answer! Don’t worry, we’ll gladly pimp your blog for the effort.

Not much new here. Had an interview on Wednesday. My car has been inspected and is legal for another year. Going out with some friends Saturday night, as long as plans hold up. I am addicted to Boom Blox, and I don't even own the Wii or the game.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

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