Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone. How did you spend your day/previous night/entire weekend?

I usually avoid any St. Patrick's day celebrations - I'm hardly a partier by any means, and when I do party, it's pretty low key. (Give me two drinks and I'm drunk or asleep.) Likewise, Pittsburgh itself on days of boisterous celebration feels hostile to me. Maybe it's my aversion to drunks when I myself am not drunk. Maybe it's because I'm an anti-social twit. Either way, I stay far away from places of celebration on days like this.

Or course, I didn't have much choice this year anyways, being as we have relocated (or are slowly relocating I should say) back to Greene County. The seemingly ultimate of all failures, we are in the process of moving back in with my parents where we will stay until we are back on our feet (read: Lessen our outstanding debt and are able to survive on our own without drowning in bills). We're here most of the time now, and only visit Pittsburgh when we have the gas money to see our friends, which recently has not been happening.

So, on this fine, chilly St. Patrick's Day, I spent my day job searching and doing laundry. I hope your celebrations, today or this past weekend, were not as tame as mine.

I hope you this recent bit of artwork, which was initially inspired by the thought of this holiday.

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