Monday, December 31, 2007

Photo of the Week

11/6/2008 - D&D necessities

9/26/2008 - So, I have this thing for editing my photos.
This is me as my naga pirate Lizzie Drake

9/24/2008 - An albino peacock seen at the Pittsburgh Zoo in 2007.
He was blocking the path, as you can see by the people in the background.

9/17/2008 - Pirates are the most fun. Especially ones that bake muffins.

9/15/2008 - Viktor looking pathetically cute.

9/10/2008 - Pizza Hut hang-outs.

9/5/2008 - Zach and I at the rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding.

9/02/2008 - Here are the lights projected onto the tent ceiling at the '07 Dublin Irish Fest
in Dublin, OH. We went exclusively for Flogging Molly. They put on one hell of a live show!

8/29/2007 - Here's a picture of Viktor that projects all of
his Corgi glory (ignore the messy room, please.).

8/22/2008 - Rest in peace, Gratch, Destoryer of Worlds.

8/14/2008 - I rescued this little chickadee from Viktor's feral grip. He
was learning to fly, and landed in the yard, a perilous place to be.

8/8/2008 - My cat is the next James Bond.

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