Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm starting to dislike this time of year...

First of all, when I started this blog, I promised myself I would do my best to keep it from being emo. I love to complain, but that was not the purpose of why I began writing here. However, sometimes a few boundaries need to be temporarily forgotten. I apologize in advance.

I really am not a fan of spring. Granted, the slightly warmer weather is nice, when there actually is some, but it's usually coupled with rain and mud, both of which end up on the floor. When I mop it up, it returns a day later. Maybe the floor generates mud - I knew something wasn't right!

Also, it's tax time. I wasn't approaching this tax season with a sense of foreboding, as last year we pulled a near $1000 refund.

This year, we owed almost that much.

Imagine my surprise, and sinking hope. Apparently, in the state of PA, the state gets approximately 25% of a small businesses income, unless you claim losses.

We managed to claim some losses from the business and have the interest payout on student loans cover some more, so the federal tax that we owed is taken care of, but we still owe state and local tax.

We're struggling to pay the last month in rent. Now we owe more money to more places. Those economic stimulus checks can't come fast enough (if they show up at all). Granted, I'm sure we'll get taxed on those next year too - just more stuff to have to pay for.

I think I've learned my lesson - don't rely on a tax refund, chances are, one won't be incoming if you do.

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Brain Dirt said...

Just think of how many people of different cultures that your money will go toward killing and it'll give you a warm fuzzy feeling.